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I have the best new husband ever. Since he’s mostly retired and I still work full-time, he does most of the every day housework that needs to be done around here. While I mostly fix dinner on the daily (now with help from Martha Stewart’s food delivery service, Marley Spoon), he does the dishes, the laundry, making the bed, weekly cleanings of our bed sheets, and various other tasks that need to be done.

Housework is NOT one of my favorite things. When I lived in my apartment, I hired a woman through Next Door to come in every other week to do some of the things I really hate doing. Living on my own, I wasn’t a messy person and I am able to confine my general messiness now to one room, my art/work space.

The new husband has a weekly schedule in his head of the housework that needs to be done. The one task he does when doing laundry is washing the towels and my head scarf I use to wrap my head in after washing my hair. He did this task yesterday.

I took a shower yesterday.

I get out of the shower to grab my towel and my head scarf.

Empty handed – again.

I tiptoe across the bathroom into our bedroom, hoping to leave as little trace as possible of water droplets, and grab a fresh towel out of the cupboard. I mumble to myself that yet again, I forgot to check to make sure a towel was there to begin with. I grumble even more that fabulous new husband should tell me when he is doing the towels OR at least hang up a clean towel because (another note about me), I can get so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I don’t really capture the fact that there isn’t a towel to be had when I’m done showering – even if said towel is literally hanging right next to the glass door that I open in order to get into the shower in the first place.

I would love to say that this has been the only time that I’ve done this. Of course, it’s not. I think I’ve done this almost every time he has taken the towels down to wash them.

This is a lesson that I don’t think I’ll ever learn: make sure you have a towel before you step INTO the shower, not after, when you are dripping wet.

What say you gentle reader – are there things that you always get “caught” doing/not doing and it feels silly that it keeps happening?


  • Karen (formerly kcinnova)

    Oh, I am guilty of washing the towels and leaving them in the dryer. It is my husband who showers and needs the towel, but he usually notices as he gets in (he has to move his towel from several feet away to the hook by the shower). I am also guilty of forgetting to get a fresh roll of TP ready when the other is winding down toward empty, although I am getting better about it. In our half-bath, you can reach anything from the toilet (cupboard under sink has the TP) but there isn’t a handy place near the toilet in my bathroom (pedestal sinks are annoying that way).

  • Heather

    How nice to have such a helpful partner. For me, it’s an endless search for my glasses. It’s comical, because I can’t see without them, so I have to rely on my spouse to help me actually locate them. I need to always put them back in their usual home.

  • Naomi

    Definitely that towel thing. I don’t even make the meals, so I stopped grumbling when my towel disappears. It only took several years for me to train myself.

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