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ten things

  1. We are getting ready for the holidays in our own little way being two people who lived several decades married to other people. We will visit my parents for Thanksgiving and the new husband will finally get to meet my sister and her family. I’m bringing my oft requested sweet potato soufflé along with my artichoke jalapeno dip and a veggie platter. We will also bring along some wine to share.
  2. I’ve started to listen to a podcast that’s related to betrayal, called “From Betrayal to Breakthrough,” that I’m finding really helpful. I wish I knew it existed a couple of years ago as I think it would have really helped me through that period of time in my life. I did a lot of damage to others that I need to work on repairing and I think that this podcast would have prevented and/or reduced the damage I did. However, what’s great about this podcast is that it deals with betrayals other than infidelity, which I think a lot of people have experienced in their life. I believe it would be helpful to anyone who has experienced a deep betrayal, not just those who have dealt with infidelity.
  3. I continue to work on my art. It’s the one thing that keeps my head clear. I was talking to the new husband last night because I have a tendency to withdraw into my own little world and don’t want him to ever think it’s his fault. I’ve been this way since I was a kid but back then, I would retreat to my books. I think it’s a self-protection of sorts. The person I can rely on the most is myself. It’s easier to close myself off than to open up that way there’s no hurt involved.
  4. There is a Christmas party being hosted by the real estate company the new husband works for. I told him yesterday that men have it so easy when it comes to these types of shindigs. In buying my dress, I realized I would need to buy an open-back bra. I also needed to buy new hose and new shoes. He will just pull something out of the closet and show up. The day of, I’ll have to fix my hair and make-up. Again, he’ll just get dressed and brush his hair. I love being a woman and yes, I know all of these are choices I’m making. I like to look nice and get ready for a party – the time and money just adds up!
  5. I downloaded a really cool app called “I am.” It’s an app that sends you affirmations throughout the day. I love when they pop up on my watch or phone. They are brief little affirmations that help me to re-center. There is a monthly cost so it’s not free, but I think it will be worth the cost to the right people. The one that popped up just moments ago reads, “I am grateful for the life I have while pursuing the life I desire.” You can favorite the ones that resonate with you as well.
  6. The new husband and I have turned mostly vegetarian. I’ve made two different, terrifically tasty soups within the past week. One of them was so good that he shared the leftovers with our neighbors. This time of year is perfect for soup and I love that there are so many vegetarian options available. I did tell him I didn’t want to be one of “those” people around friends and family where we insist that vegetarian options are available or they can’t serve any meat. Yes, I will be enjoying some turkey on Thanksgiving and when we eat out while we are traveling, I’ll probably still order meat occasionally. For me, going vegetarian is mostly for my health as a plant based diet is more heart healthy. That being said, I already told him that I would not give up my coffee with cream in the morning.
  7. I’m going to Disneyland with the youngest and his family at the start of December. I am so excited to do this trip with him. The last time I was there with him was when he was around 8 or 9 years old and he’s now married with children. I can’t wait to share this experience with him as he shares it with his kids.
  8. Today’s featured painting is the lastest from Effy Wild through her Patreon and it’s November’s “A Year of Mary.” I so enjoyed this year long course and will be sad to see it end. She will have another similar type course next year with a focus on different poetry. I’ll probably sign up for that. I’m trying to be a little bit more prudent next year signing up for courses. There were some things I signed up for that I didn’t enjoy as much as others. While many of the courses have lifelong access, there are some things I know I won’t ever be interested in doing. The Year of Mary course I have consistently showed up for because it was one painting a month that I could spend a day or two on. Now that things are opening back up, my art time is more limited. Anyway, isn’t this girl lovely, celestial and galactic? Almost every month, I think “this one is my favorite,” after finishing them. Really I love almost all of them that I’ve done.
  9. In other art news, I painted a picture for our Christmas cards again this year. I used a different company to print them other than Shutterfly though as it was way less expensive and their shipping was super fast.  I love how my little cardinal turned out. It’s a lot fun and a little bit scary putting my art work out in the world. It truly means a lot to me when someone asks about purchasing something I’ve created or has made a nice comment on my IG. My hope is that once I retire, I can focus more on creating and maybe make a little money on the side. A great podcast about the creative process I’ve been listening to is called “The Creative Genius,” and more than a few of the women interviewed started their creative journey later in life. So that gives me cardinal sitting on a branch with red berries covered with snow
  10. One of the things I hope to start making my art room MY art room. This means hanging things up and moving stuff around. I’ve been looking at pinterest for ideas but I’m tired of everything being white and pastel colors. I want my room to be full of vibrancy so it will take some time to put this vision together. I’m patient and will take my time to make it a place that speaks to me.

So what’s new with you?

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  • Margaret

    I tend to eat a mostly vegetarian diet too although I couldn’t be vegan. I love my mocha with milk in the morning and wouldn’t give it up! The things we learn along the way are precious; although we wouldn’t want to go through the betrayal and pain, we do gain and learn from it, if we allow ourselves to.

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