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Pretty in pink and Oculus

I’ve not done a wants/obsession post for a couple of months, so thought I’d write about that today.

A make-up line that I’m obsessed with is Urban Decay. I love so many of their eye-shadows and have more than a few to feed my obsession. However, today I’m going to focus on their lipstick and one color in particular. It’s called Big Bang and it fits two particular criteria of mine. First, it’s pink and second, it’s sparkly. Both feed my obsession with pink and sparkly things. This is the lipstick I wear the most and always make sure I have on hand. I love how easy it goes on and that it’s pretty long lasting. Even though it’s a metallic, it doesn’t feel dry or gritty going on or while wearing it. It also makes my lips feel smooth and moisturized. The cost of a tube is $19, but it lasts a long time. big bang

A want that I’ve had for a couple of months is Oculus Quest 2. This is a virtual reality headset. I’m not much of a gamer, so I won’t be using it for that, necessarily. I’ll be using it for working out using Supernatural. So I took the plunge today and ordered it. It should be here by Wednesday. I hope this helps me get down to pre-pandemic size in a fun way. It’s been very discouraging to see the weight creep up. Since hitting 55, I’m also having a much harder time losing any weight, even though I’m trying to be more active. And since we are going on an awesome trip this summer in which we will be eating a lot of great food, I don’t want to be too stressed about putting on even more weight.

Also this isn’t for anyone but myself. I like myself much more when I’m about 15 pounds lighter than where I’m at right now. I tend to run more curvy and know that my body type will never be waiflike. Also, since being diagnosed last year with coronary artery disease, I know that the extra weight it not good for me. This will be another tool for me to use on my health journey. I’m super excited to receive it and will post about my experience on here once I have the chance to use it.


  • amylso

    One of the things I have not loved about the pandemic is that lipstick is my favorite make up but what’s the point if you’re going to wear a mask?

    I hear you on how hard it gets to lose weight as age encroaches. I’ve struggled since I turned about 45 or 46. I was always active, running & hiking, but now it doesn’t seem to matter what I do, weight loss is a myth for me. Hope it works for you! 🙂

    • Christal Kelly

      yes, I hear you about the lipstick. Now that we can do outdoor dining in my area again, I can wear it and people will see it at least when I take off my mask! Nature is really not fair sometimes. My husband can lose ten lbs at the drop of a hat and I’ve been struggling to lose five since December!

  • Lisa Dixon

    I hear you on the weight loss after 50. It is so much more difficult. The good news is, like you, trying to get the extra pounds off isn’t for anyone but myself and feeling good in my body. Love the lip color! Lipstick is my makeup indulgence.

    • Christal Kelly

      It’s upsetting that we have to clarify the “why” of our own appearance, whether that be losing or gaining weight, wearing or not wearing make-up, etc. Feeling good in our bodies is being body positive. This lipstick lifts me right up anytime I wear it.

  • Rose

    I love your comment that you are doing this for you!! I started the pandemic with the mindset of “Well, may as well eat what I like if we are going to all die in a pandemic”. Luckily by July things looked better, and I rethought!! Lost what I need too, got a bit healthier, and all for me! It is a good feeling!! You go girl!

  • Margaret

    I also feel better about 15 pounds lighter than I am now but don’t want to do the HARD work and sacrifice it would take to lose the weight. I used to be much more disciplined.

  • Donna

    Its funny, Im not much of a makeup person, but i do love Urban Decay products, they are all so vibrant and juicy. that is, i have to say an amazing colour! I love the idea of the VR, i wonder if I could get it for garden design ( yes ive just watched a TV show where they use it for that reason!)
    My go to is lip balm, I love it, need it, want it, in all and every shape, shade, and flavour. My favourite beauty brand Clarins however only has 1 variety I can use, and I haven’t had it for months as I have so much else im trying to use up!

  • francineclouden

    I have never been a big makeup person but ever since Rihanna released her Fenty Beauty line I have been mildly obsessed! Well until the pandemic hit 🙂 I hear ya on weight loss after fifty. I don’t need to lose a lot, but that midsection just doesn’t want to shrink!

    Enjoy your new goodies!

  • kimpdx

    I love everything about this post! That graphic at the top made my day! And I am also obsessed with pink and sparkly things. I think I’m feeling the need for some new lipstick now. 😀

    • Christal Kelly

      This lipstick is truly all that I could ever want in a lipstick. If you purchase it, let me know what you think! And YAS to the meme. It makes me laugh and feel good about my non-thigh gap.

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