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Random Thoughts 1162021

1. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write any poetry. And I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never owned any poetry written by Mary Oliver. This past week, I purchased her book “Devotions” as well as the book of poems from Kate Baer called “What Kind of Woman” from Powell’s Books in Portland. I’m diving into the lusciousness that are words on paper that make you feel all the feels.

2. Yesterday’s was my (new) husband’s 70th birthday. While I had two meetings, I was done by about 2:30. I made him a card, wrapped his gifts, then made him cake (pinterest had recipes for cakes for two – just a reminder if it’s not on pinterest, whatever you are looking for probably doesn’t exist) and a nice dinner of sable fish and scallops in miso/maple glaze, parmesan mushroom risotto, and broccoli. It was a mostly quiet and good day.

3. I hate coming up with titles for my posts, so for now I’m just going to put”random thoughts” with the date of the post for the title when there isn’t a cohesive train of thoughts.

4. Today we plan on going hiking. The past two weekends we’ve done 4 to 5 mile hikes. It’s great to be out of the house, seeing other people (although social distancing and mask-wearing is always utilized), and being out with nature. When we were out last weekend, we saw a coyote. It is the first time I remember ever seeing one out in the wild.

5. Only four more days until we get sanity back in the White House. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for four years and I can’t wait to exhale. Anyone else?

6. My parents and my husband are getting vaccinated next week. I’m very thankful for that.

7. I finished one painting from Lifebook 2021 earlier this week. I think it turned out okay. I’m currently working on my “New Moon” spread for Moonshine 2021 art journal.

8. And below is my poem.

The Apartment

I remember being afraid
to be by myself
to start anew

Even though being independent
did not mean I wanted
to be independent

Putting my key in the door
walking into my space
brought solitude

Not felt for many months
as I began to reclaim
all that I had lost

Times of despair sometimes
enveloped me as I left
the old to step into the new

Sitting on my couch
thundering sounds of silence
no longer present

Solitude became
the warm embrace of
an old friend found.

©christal kelly 2021


    • christal

      Thank you, Margaret! He did have a great birthday. I wish I would have known about Mary Oliver sooner, but now that I do know about her, I plan to immerse myself in her lovely poems.

  • Karen (formerly kcinnova)

    I’ll have to look up those recipes for desserts for two! Happy belated birthday to your hubby, such great news about vaccinations, and I love your poem.
    May next Wednesday bring us a new season of calm breathing with true leadership.

  • suburbancorrespondent

    Hi! Post titles are a pain to come up with, that’s for sure, but – honestly – anything is better than “Random Thoughts,” if you want people to be intrigued. For this one, I would have gone with “Poetry, With Bonus Coyote”

    But what is Lifebook 2021? It sounds interesting. Also, I love your painting!

    • christal

      Thank you for the suggestion of the title of the post way better than mine! Lifebook2021 is an art program with a focus on self-care put on my Tamara LaPorte through It has an amazing array of artists and other bonus content. I’m really enjoying it and also learning about other artists.

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