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Pretty Starts

Yesterday evening, I finally got a chance to do some painting. I started this last night. I love the different colors and the way it sparks joy in my heart. This photo is in the very beginning stages of the piece I’m working on right now. I can’t wait to see the final product.

This is a piece where I’m following a lesson and the voice of criticism starts sneaking in. I lit incense and had my sparkly lights on this morning in order to set the right vibe for just being free to enjoy the process.

I’m trying to stay within my art budget for this month. I’ve already added items to my cart at Blick’s, but am holding off until I get paid. There are a couple of items I’m ordering that are actually to replace supplies I ordered last year when I was just starting this art journey. I honestly never thought I would be creating as much as I am. Or that I would sell a piece of my work. Or I would have people ask me to create something for them. That last part is scary to me and maybe one day, I will be comfortable enough to say yes.

We are looking at selling one of the beds in one of the rooms we have here. It’s a huge bed in a room that no one sleeps in anymore and it’s actually too big for the room. We would then move the bed in the room that’s my art/office space. I would then create the art space I really want in here and of course, buy the supplies to go with!

My husband saw my desk that I bought last year this morning and made a comment about all the paint on it. When I bought this desk it was for the purpose of working from home due to the shut-down. I told him it looks like an artist’s desk and it made me smile.



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