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Life’s Interesting Twist and Turns

The one thing I am most grateful for is that despite the obstacles I have faced in life is the love and support that I receive from my family. It is what has helped me through the most difficult time in my life with the separation and subsequent filing of divorce from my husband. I had not realized over the years, how isolated I had become, so I also didn’t realize or maybe did not fully appreciate the tremendous amount of support that I would receive from the many friends that I am so blessed to have. It is true when it’s said that when you are facing difficulties, one of the worse things you can do is isolate yourself. This has been my coping mechanism over the years and it is going to stop. I am promising to myself that when I get the urge to turn away from the world when I’m facing difficulties, instead I will turn towards it in order to welcome the warm embrace that life has to offer.

The house we bought last year was placed on the market last week. We had a an open house this past week-end. I am grateful that offers were submitted and we have accepted one. Please keep your fingers crossed that escrow goes smoothly. While I am sad that my hopes and dreams for this place are gone, for the first time in a really long time, I am excited about my future. I am embracing an uncertain future with an open mind and an open heart. I refuse to be broken. I have survived too much in my life to let this divorce from someone who I no longer recognize bring me down. Instead, I rise like a phoenix from ashes, stronger and more sure of myself than ever before.

My next few days will include a visit from my best friend and soul sister, Lea. I am so excited to have her visit. I plan on visiting potential new places to live. I am going to finish up the latest project for my granddaughter and then start a new project for myself for my new home. A couple of week-ends ago, I bought a new sign for my new place that embraces this new beginning for me. We have such a short time on this beautiful planet we live on and it is simply up to us to live as fully as possible for the time that we do have.

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