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Cold shoulders

I remember about six months ago when someone I work with had a really cute top on that had cut outs around the shoulders. I think I’ve shared before that I am somewhat self-conscious about baring my arms as I think they look too big. For me, cold shoulder tops are good option for someone like me with this particular issue with my body.  A few months ago, I bought my first cold shoulder top with short sleeves. It was towards the end of summer when it was still warm, so the sleeves are short, but I’ve wanted one that I can also wear during our winters. Being in California, winter in this part of the country is not the same as other parts, although we have been having some crazy storms this year.

I am also a huge fan of sales and am always on the look out for good deals. I very rarely buy clothes that are not on sale with the exception of what I get from Stitch Fix. I’m also trying to stick more to a budget for myself, so after I got paid for this month, I decided to browse Nordstrom Rack online to see if I could score some good deals.

The top in this picture caught my eye. It is made by Bobeau and the color is called “Hunter Green Light.” It is a nice mix of a greenish-blue which I think brings out the color of my eyes. The material is soft and light, so even when the weather starts getting warmer, I will be able to wear it. When my husband and I went out to look at houses yesterday, I ended up wearing a light gray sweater over it that I received for Christmas from my parents.

This shirt was on sale from Nordstrom’s for $12.60. It was a deal that I could not pass up and I stayed well within my clothing budget for this month.

Once again, I’m wearing my Kut from the Kloth jeans along with my Sofft booties.

In the next picture, I did a close-up in order to show how I think this top compliments my eyes. I’m also wearing my “love you to the moon and back” silver necklace that my daughter bought for me when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor for her wedding in September.

Here’s a question for anyone reading my blog and who does fashion type posts. Do you take your own pictures or do you have someone else take them for you?

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