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Another black dress

I will admit that for me it has been a personal challenge to post pictures of myself on this blog. I will never claim to be any type of fashionista. I do like to dress nicely for work and try to look professional. For a while, I was kind of in this mode of picking clothing in one color – black. Black is just easy when it comes to putting together an outfit. I think that most people look good in black. However, I had to catch myself this past week when I realized that three out of five days, I would be wearing mostly black. They were three different black outfits, but I have also come to the conclusion that I need to start adding more color to wardrobe.

I had originally planned to wear a really pretty scarf with this outfit. It’s a pink scarf that is screen printed with dragonflies that was personally handmade for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it, so I had to look for other accessories. The scarf is probably packed away somewhere as we are currently in transition. I would have preferred more pop of color to this outfit, which is why I was going to wear the scarf. Oh well!

I am obviously still learning how to take decent pictures as I pose. I’m wearing a black dress that I received from Stitch Fix along with a black jacket that I bought about three or four years ago. I am short and never can find jackets that fit me well, thus the rolled up sleeve. However, this jacket has cute polka dotted material in the sleeve lining, so I don’t mind it so much. I’m wearing black tights with black  criss cross platforms purchased from the Designer Shoe Warehouse. I always feel tall in these platforms as they have a four inch heel. This makes me around 5’4″ when I wear these shoes.

I wanted to show part of the detail of this dress that I really like – again, not easy when trying to do selfies. The bodice has ruching that accentuates the bust line, then a band that goes underneath the bustline. The picture below is supposed to show that detail. I finished off the outfit with a silver necklace that I purchased about ten (?) years ago. This necklace is really long, so I looped it in order to create a double looped necklace, wearing one of the strands closer to my neck. 

(I apologize for the beam of light going across my chest. I plan on purchasing a stand for my IPhone in order to take better pictures.)

This week, I think I’m going to challenge myself not to wear as much black as I did this week.

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