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    My brother called me stupid All the time when I was a little girl I now have a bachelor and a master’s degree My husband said he couldn’t stand the sound of my voice at the end of our marriage I now have a weekly podcast I refuse to let the limitations of others define my own limitations ©christal hall…

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    She is soft-edges Scars criss-crossed on her heart Her eyes smile Betraying the depth of Pain inflicted on her soul She is strength Hardened by words spoken to break her Her smile is warmth Sadness supressed Uncorked, bubbling beneath the surface She is love Hear heart beating her power into existence © by Christal February 2019

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    Turning inward, shriveled petals Seeking the nurturing power of loving Words never spoken You are beautiful and you are loved. Small, powerless, wilted and bent Deprived of sustenance needed to grow Into magnificence You are beautiful and you are loved. Feeling the sun, receiving its grace The wind whispers the secret through time and space You are beautiful and you…

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    A part of my heart has been amputated,removed by the scalpel of his words,leaving me wanting for the phantom of our future that is no longer and never will be. A part of my heart has been amputated,it beats differently now, hurt, aching, betrayed,a desperate want to feel the familiar,yet knowing the past is no longer and never was. A…